why is your face sparkly?

July 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

i’m not slipping away from blogging again, i swear…

and it’s not that i’m too busy to blog. it’s just that… i really don’t have much to say. and for once, that is a good thing.
life is peaceful. work, boy, friends, sunshine, more sunshine, good tunes, pretty pictures, more work, great people, great conversations, inside jokes… sleep. repeat.
oh. birthday? awesome.
it really was a blast! i adore camping.
the heat was miserable in the afternoons when there wasn’t much to do and there was little escape from the sun’s death rays of pain, BUT, other than that… i couldn’t have asked for a more lovely birthday.





there’s something really wonderful about waking up with the sun… or waking up with the little animals in the trees above you… the REALLY LOUD little animals.
i love the bugs (but i’m still terrified of them). i love the little animals trying to steal our food. i love the huge variety of plants and forms of life surrounding us. i love the giant trees and wondering how old they are, and how the world has changed since they’ve been there. aaand, i love it when my face gets slightly tan so i barely have to wear makeup.

i can’t wait to go again. :)

i have been having these wildly intense cravings for yoga and rock climbing. and really, really really really cold water.
though, i have a feeling the rock climbing desire may have been exacerbated thanks to these guys: 



when they aren’t climbing rocks, drew and alex have been keeping us folks at green plow company over the last few weeks, and are never lacking in smiles and genuine kind words. these guys are in the midst of a cross-coastal rock climbing trip! (i’m way jealous.) you can check out their blog read about their totally rad and evolving journey!
we’re glad you’ve found a home in green plow, guys. :)
be curious. be thankful. be well. give love.
– d.

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