mmm homemade cinnamon rolls.

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

oh, sweet baking… it has been so long.

if i recall correctly, my last day of baking at work was in early september, meaning it’s been a month! how… why… how?!
well, today, i stayed home sick. in fact, it was probably the first day since i have moved to portland where i have been at home all day! obviously, i did not go to school today either. instead, i spent a good 1-2 hours acquiring recipes online! after a long recipe hunt, naturally, the urge to bake was stronger than ever. so, even though my cold had sucked out a good deal of strength and baker’s zeal from my body, i happily managed to gather up enough energy to bake homemade cinnamon rolls for the first time.
* because this was the first time baking in my new apartment, i had not realized that the only flour i have is bread flour! now, on the bag of flour it does say, “bread flour is also suitable for quick breads and cookies, but is least suitable for cakes and pastries.” greeeeat! this may be a silly question but, what exactly are cinnamon rolls considered? the word “roll” in theory would put them into the “bread” category. right? well, with that in mind, i went ahead with the bread flour and didn’t look back.
* now, when it comes to the yeast used in the recipe, it instructs to just throw the yeast in with the flour, sugar, etc. i am still a beginning baker, and every time i have used yeast for any recipe, i have to dissolve it in warm water first. buuut, i went ahead and did what the recipe told me. looking back, i noticed that the recipe calls for “instant yeast”… turns out that instant yeast is, in fact, different. it contains a bit of yeast enhancer (citric acid, maybe some other stuff?) and is possibly more concentrated than active dry, therefore it does not need to be dissolved.oops.luckily they did expand while baking… but, next time, i’ll be using the proper ingredients. :) yay, trial and error!

okay, this part was fun! back home, i use my mother’s stand up mixer… but for my new apartment, i settled for taking the hand mixer. needless to say… it was a bit difficult. most of the difficulty i encountered, however, was because for some reason, the electrical outlet i was using in my kitchen kept resetting itself and making my mixer turn off every time i tried to switch to a higher speed!
after kneading for five minutes. :)
from the ingredients, to the dysfunctional mixer, there was a lot of improvisation in this baking endeavor. when the time came to roll out the dough, guess who discovered who didn’t own a rolling pin? mmhmm.
guess who had a small, yet sturdy, cardboard cylinder tucked away in a kitchen drawer? yep. so… there’s my new rolling pin!
for the record… it worked just as good. and didn’t leave cardboard residue on my dough. :)
i used about 3/4 of the cinnamon/brown sugar/butter mixture. at this point, i just wanted them to be baked already! so yummy.
the roll made about a dozen servings.
in the pan, ready to be baked! … in thirty minutes after they rise a bit. except mine didn’t because i messed up the yeast!
and finally, after approximately 19 minutes at 375 degrees…
the recipe doesn’t say anything about the glaze, probably because they really are wonderful without it! the bread is light and fluffy, and the filling is delicious. a perfect balance between the sweetness of the sugar and wonderful, warm bread.
these will go great with a hot cup of tea!
fresh baked cinnamon rolls cure the common cold, right?
happy baking!
– d.

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