fresh, homemade doughnuts!

November 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

one of the first things i noticed when i moved to portland was, “oh my gosh… doughnut shops!” but, as it turns out… i’m poor, so i’ve been forced to resist the urge to spend money at cute doughnut shops around town and instead on boring things like, “gas” and “groceries” and “rent”… c’est la vie.

luckily, in my search for fun recipes to occupy my time while i’m not at school, i found one called, “krispy creme doughnuts”. how could i NOT try this recipe out?!

so, here’s how it went:

first, the glaze!

the dough after rising for an hour and forty-five minutes :)

after cutting out the doughnut shapes, i let the dough rest for another forty minutes.

the first doughnut holes!

the recipe did not specify, but i used a regular canola oil :)

cooling off.

and finally, after three full hours of mixing, cutting, waiting, and frying… viola! homemade doughnuts! :)

it goes without saying that these were no krispy cremes, but they were still very good :) they weren’t as light and fluffy as your usual glazed doughnut, but definitely less dense than a traditional cake doughnut; a happy medium.
if you got three hours to kill one day, i would definitely recommend trying this recipe out!

here’s to comfort food on a foggy november day…
happy baking (or frying).

– d.


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