thankful for home.

November 28, 2010 § Leave a comment



i am thankful that i made it home safely.
and i’m thankful that because of the horrible conditions, i got to learn something very new! (how to chain up tires. oh, so much fun.)
and, again, i am thankful for how beautiful oregon is — regardless of its [dangerous] weather.

i’m thankful for my little companion :)

i’m SO thankful that the long, intense drive home seemingly fixed my chronic reverse-sleeping patterns… and that i now wake in the morning, and sleep at night. what a concept!
i will never take the ability to sleep at night for granted — ever again.

i’m thankful for crisp, freezing, but beautiful central oregon sunsets.

i’m thankful for kitty.
i’m not thankful that i’m allergic to him… and not thankful for the fact that he likes my bed/clothing so much.

i’m thankful for baking. how it distracts me from a heavy heart and mind. how it calms me. how it focuses me. how it allows me to be creative. and i’m thankful for when it turns out delicious :)

i’m thankful for this stuff that fed me for the past four days.


i’m thankful that i don’t even need to leave the house to find pretty subjects.

i’m thankful for a cozy downtown coffee shop. i’m thankful for how much it feels like home. so incredibly thankful for the wonderful people this place has brought into my life. so thankful for friendship, for support, for understanding, and for laughs when i really need them. and, of course, for the yummiest coffee in town.

speaking of coffee, i’m thankful for vanilla-peppermint lattes from my second favorite coffee shop of all time. i love you.

i’m thankful that home is a place where i don’t have to use my GPS to find my way around. i’m thankful for familiarity. i’m thankful that i can just drive and listen to good music and just enjoy where i’m at. i’m thankful for the cascade mountains, for the buttes, for the fields, for wide, blue skies.
i am just…  so thankful for my hometown. for being so beautiful. for holding so many memories and so many things that i love so dearly. for being so comforting.





i’m thankful for the quiet beauty that surrounds me. the five previous pictures were taken in my front yard.
i’m thankful for the little things.
i’m thankful for the feeling i get when i am looking through my camera — the challenge of trying to keep still while the freezing wind is making me shake… i’m thankful for the exhilaration and excitement of uploading a photo and seeing that it was exactly what i wanted to capture.
i’m thankful that i get to freeze little moments of loveliness and take them with me… where ever i go.
i’m thankful for the freedom and the encouragement to do what i love.

and i am so unbelievably thankful that only seven days stands between me and being able to come home again.
seven days stands between me and an end to a truly exhausting (in more ways than one) semester:  a chance to recharge and rejuvenate. a chance for some clarity.

but first, back to portland i go.

praying for the strength to finish strong…
but remaining thankful for learning, growth, and new experiences.

– d.


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