six, february.

February 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

i think it’s safe to say that i have felt creativity limited recently. bogged down, overwhelmed, etc. i’m not exactly sure why that is, as i’ve gone out and taken some photos that i’m really proud of lately… regardless, the feeling has been weighing a bit heavily on me over the past week or so.
actually, i attribute part of this feeling to my sudden fixation with film cameras. i have been absolutely dying to get my hands on some different cameras to experiment with! limitation: money.
it’s strange how one can feel so inspired and excited… but also feel so restrained at the same time.

i moved to eugene five days ago. i like it. i think i’m going to like it more and more the longer i’m here. i do very much look forward to some portland visits in my future, though. i miss it. i miss my hometown, too. a lot.

i’ve increasingly noticed my tendencies to get a little ahead of myself when it comes to all the things i want to do. travel, learning, creating… every thing. it makes me anxious.
one of many, many goals for this week has to do with organizing my inspirations and getting them in all in one place. i think it’ll help. i also hope to “unplug” for at least a day sometime soon… i recommend it. it’s a nice breather.

hoping for lots of productivity, organization, connections, smiles, fresh air, creativity & ideas as i embark on this new chapter in the lovely city of eugene.
it all happens so fast, doesn’t it?

– d.


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