spring tease.

February 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

eugenians got a brief taste of spring earlier this week…
keyword: brief. as this morning, we woke up to snow.

life is slowly but surely becoming un-paused.

i’ve been digging myself out of a rut of creative un-inspired-ness… i’m getting there. it takes work!
it becomes frustrating for me to take a large set of pictures, and upon editing, realizing there are only a handful worth showing the world.
and i know this is normal… maybe i’m just a bit naive in my frustrations.
i’ve decided to make a habit of taking at least 3-5 photos every day. hopefully, at the end of each week, i will have at least seven decent photos to show for myself!
i just know that i need to be challenged… and this is where i’m starting. i’m really looking forward to it.

i made this mix last night at 3am: http://8tracks.com/dcady/i-m-awake and somehow, it just goes perfectly with how i’ve felt all day today.

weekends don’t mean much to me these days… nonetheless, wishing you all an excellent one.
oh, what i would give to be by the sea right now.
– danielle.



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