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March 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

have i mentioned that i’m an impulsive person?

last monday, around late afternoon… after a particularly un-satisfying day, i decided i didn’t want to be in eugene that night.
so i grabbed some clothes, my camera, got in my car and drove 115 miles (in pitch dark) over a snowy mountain so that i could spend some time in my hometown.

i later realized that this was the my first time being home in two months — the longest i have been away from home since moving to pdx in september.

anyways… i was welcomed warmly by my pets, some dear friends, fresh central oregon air, amazing coffee and abundant sunshine.
nothing quite like going home…

things have been a bit scattered over the past week; i feel like i’ve been in this strange daze… likely due to my sleep patterns going completely awry (again). it’s currently 5:54am and i haven’t been to sleep yet, for example.
that said, my “seven pictures” at the end of the week goal did not exactly come to fruition. alas, it is a new week, and i feel pretty good about it; especially after getting very re-acquainted with my camera while visiting central oregon.

tonight, i was taken on a spontaneous domino effect of artistic discovery:

  • my plays for me a song by jonny greenwood. i love… naturally.
  • i look up the album.
  • i stumble upon its wiki.
  • i learn that the album, entitled “bodysong” was not just simply an album but an original soundtrack to a film of the same name.
  • i look up the film; learn it is an “experimental & avant-garde” british documentary made in 2003.
  • i attempt to find a trailer, only to be pleasantly surprised that a kind person has uploaded the entire documentary (cut into ten minute segments) to their youtube account.
  • commence film viewing.
  • eighty minutes and many, many tears later…

beautiful. intense. grotesque. joyful. poignant.

i was quite captivated by it.
and the score — just perfect.

here’s a favorite piece of music from the film, and the song that led to this discovery in the first place:

personally, i’m someone who can enjoy this out of context… but the music’s brilliance shines through most when accompanied with what it was specifically composed for. each piece, i felt, was truly an expression of what i was seeing on the screen — through music.

i read a long time ago that jonny had tried to incorporate his banjo into some radiohead songs… but the band wouldn’t allow it. i’m glad he finally got to use it here, it sounds just lovely :)

i can see the sky getting lighter…
time for bed.
happy sunday.
in a week, we turn our clocks forward… a sure sign of spring.

– danielle.


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