lá fhéile pádraig.

March 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

last year, i was up at dawn one morning and headed to work. i was tired… seeing as how the night before  i stayed up much too late watching the travel channel. typical.
i don’t remember feeling particularly well that morning. the sky was grey; a drizzle had started to fall, and i distinctly remember thinking to myself, “this is some irish weather.”
a minute later, “float” by flogging molly started playing on the radio.
when i walked into work, my co-worker was playing music from his laptop: it was a song called “falling slowly”… a song from a film called once… a really beautiful film i had just watched… a love-story, set in dublin.

needless to say… ireland was on my heart pretty heavily that day.

it seems pretty convenient for me to have a story like this on saint patrick’s day, yes? but honestly… ireland has always been one of those places that my heart literally aches for.
the history, the music, the people, (the writers!) the lush green and its grey skies.
i feel this deep captivation, but comforting feeling when i think of how ireland might be. it looks like a place that i could very naturally call home.

it’s too bad that the non-hispanic half of me had to be scottish, eh? :)
close enough.

i use that word a lot, don’t i?

ádh mór,
– d.


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