March 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

i’m going to skip the part of today’s story where i lost control of my car on top of an icy mountain pass and almost hit several others.
instead, i’ll tell the part of the story that (at least in hindsight) is somewhat silly.

i have endured many, many of these trips over the mountain in the past six months. i can honestly say that i feel 10x more comfortable driving in the snow than i do the rain. yet, somehow, on almost every trip i take, i am ill-prepared in one way or another. my 2-4 hour journeys (once, a 5 and a half hour journey) have consistently fallen into one or more of these scenarios:

1) i stay awake all the night before and leave when the sun comes up. about 1/3rd of the way to my destination, my body realizes how exhausted i am, and the next 2/3rds of the trip is dedicated to taking drastic measures ensuring my awakeness behind the wheel.

2) i leave too late in the day and hit the worst part of the roads at nightfall.

3) the weather turns out to be way worse than i expect.

4) i get bamboozled by my GPS (its name is thom; it’s british) and end up on the wrong highway… either one that is unfamiliar or one whose conditions i am not prepared for.

today’s trip fell under scenario four. damn you, thom! why didn’t you tell me to turn?

as i was leaving my hometown and heading east, i was staring down some serious storm clouds looming over the mountains… i didn’t think it’d be an issue.
i guess today’s trip also falls under scenario three, as well.

naturally, after one gets caught in an unexpected snow storm and escapes a multiple-car collision within an inch of one’s life, one should probably pull over and re-evaluate some safety precautions. after regaining my composure, i decided i needed to chain up my tires ASAP.

allow me to introduce a brand new road trip scenario:

5) i am poorly dressed for the circumstances. (understatement).

my trusty striped ballet flats: perfect for everyday wear. looks great with dark-wash jeans. but i can’t say they do very well in calf-deep snow.
black leggings: comfortable for road trips. surprisingly absorbent of wet snow.
tank-top as a dress: …

it took me at least 20 minutes to chain up. when i first started, the snow was falling hard and fast. by the time i finished… i tuned back into my surroundings to find that the snow had stopped.
a few seconds later, i could feel the sun.
and when i looked back at the road…

… it wasn’t snowy anymore, nor was it icy.
just slush.

honestly, how does this even happen?

my hair was soaking wet. there was gravel underneath my fingernails, my hands were burning and i couldn’t feel my feet.
but… i did such a good job on my chains that i decided to use them anyways.
… it was also because i was too pissed off to take them off after all that work.

i ended up driving about five minutes down the road with my chains on until the pavement was completely bare.

when i pulled over to take them off, it was like i was in a completely different season.

oregon is strange. it has a lot of micro-climates. and its roads are scary. but it’s beautiful, and i love it so.

home again. should be studying for a math test in the morning. headache.
but it was good to get away for a little bit.

i love spring.

it has this way of making things new again.
i’m thinking of it now and can feel butterflies in my stomach.
spring is a season that brings out a lot of good things in me.

right now i am cautious, but hopeful.

i have a big day tomorrow.

i made this yesterday evening:
it’s like a little slice of my life… put to music.

there’s a lot on my heart and mind these days.

praying for some lightness to come soon. for healing. for strength. grace. growth. peace.

– danielle.


§ 2 Responses to hindsight.

  • Sonya Steensen says:

    you’re a really good writer…the humor, the way you put your thoughts into words that take the reader on a journey…I so enjoy reading everything you write from journal-type stories to banter….again….just impressed and thought you might like to know that someone, most likely many someones, think very highly of you…I wish you well

  • danielle says:

    oh, sonya, thank you so much! this is the reason i love to write :)
    i appreciate the encouragement so very much. hope all is fantastic in your world!

    – danielle.

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