29 march.

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

hey friends,

it’s tuesday.
i spent most of my afternoon in the kitchen with andrew bird and sufjan stevens. can’t complain.

ohhh, this. check it out:
http://themakersproject.com/ really beautiful.
i never knew that brooklyn was such a haven for independent artisans! this is a really inspiring project.
the dedication and love some people put into their craft, whatever it may be, is always just a wonderful thing to see.

really groovy and lovely music discoveries/re-discoveries going on in my world lately: http://8tracks.com/dcady/transition

there’s not much else to say, except that some really unexpected and big changes have come my way.
some experiences come full circle much faster than one might plan for…
but you know, it’s alright.
it is.

going with the flow.
april is almost here. wow.

– d.

* also, i made these!

beignets. again, why wasn’t i born french?
here’s the recipe, along with a fun history! it was super easy. and i only had one, of course

happy baking.


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