after the storm.

April 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

this morning: rain.
late morning: hail.
early afternoon: thunderstorm.
afternoon: sunshine.

i was so thankful to get out with my camera for a bit today.
thought i was going to get cabin fever or something…
i’m think i’m ready for a change of scenery.

i’ve been thinking a lot about design. i felt like i had my mind made up about what i wanted to study and the general career path i wanted to take, but… i’ve just been really inspired lately by a lot of talented people.
design always scared me away because i never thought that i was fundamentally creative enough to pursue it.
but when i really think about my interests and my passions and what i want in a career, i’m finding more and more that design seems to be at the core of all of it.
we’ll see how this unfolds. i’m kind of excited about it though! but, i’ve got time.

busy day tomorrow.
crazy weekend coming my way, as well.
april is shaping up to be very different from what i’ve become accustomed to.
and for that… i’m grateful.

take care,
– d.

* seventeen years ago yesterday, kurt cobain died.
i ended up listening to nirvana cd’s and box sets all day long…
the feeling of reconnecting with music that was such a huge part of your life so long ago… i don’t know. it’s so strange. but good. it just takes you back. very vividly.
i’m definitely not fourteen years old anymore…

thank god.

(miss you, kurt.)


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