April 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

hello friends,

so, i really should NOT be writing a blog at 1145pm after the day i just had… but…

i’ve been thinking a lot.
about this blog.
about life.

this blog started out so very personal for me.
it has always felt good to just stop and write. at home. at work. in the parking lot of the college.
i did so because it was a release.  i needed it. but… while, yes, it was published on the web, it wasn’t intentionally shared.

i feel like… since i re-worked my blog (for the billionth time) and sort of re-thought my purpose in keeping a blog at all…
wait. what am i trying to say…

okay — i’m trying to say that today brought some changes. changes that in, perhaps, some symbolic way, completes a phase. (my brain totally thrives on super vague symbolism, in case you haven’t noticed!)
and what i’m trying to say is that for once, i was able to stick to something throughout that phase. something consistent. something productive. and that something was typing away my thoughts, ideas, frustrations and experiences in this little white box here… and then, sometimes reluctantly, sharing them.

that, in itself, would have been more than enough for me: to simply feel the release of being able to compose my thoughts for a little while… to make sense of them by getting them out in front of me where i can see them.

but i can’t help but notice that… um, what? people actually read this thing?

so, here’s what i am really trying to say:

to those of you that read this. or even to those that merely stumble upon it every so often: thank you.
thank you for being a part of my journey.

this seems like such a silly thing to get sentimental about! i know. but, i really do have my reasons.
it’s a little hard to explain, honestly. my frontal and temporal lobes are not being very eloquent right now!

i was always told growing up that it was good to share.
thanks for giving me a reason.

i made this:
it’s really close to my heart. i like to think of it as a soundtrack.
autumn – spring.
all in chronological order.
it doesn’t necessarily flow from one song to another…
kind of like life.

grace is a beautiful thing.
that’s all.

with love,
– d.


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