April 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

what are you missing out on?

is it worth it?

how connected are you?

do you ever get dizzy? i do.

do you feel alienated?

why so green and lonely.

what matters to you?

what doesn’t?

what annoys you?

why don’t you do something about it?

why do you feel guilty now that you have done something about it?

what makes you angry?

what are you passionate about?

what do you look like?

how apathetic are we?

how helpless are we?

how powerful are we?

how selfish are we?

idle hands?

do you utilize all of your limbs?

are you thankful?

how frustrated are you?

can you hear the clock?

what do you want? right now. be honest.

who do you love?


don’t forget to breathe.

i forget sometimes.

are you tired?

… how tired?

how’s your heart?

what are you made of?

how do you escape?

who do you miss?

what happened?

where do you want to go?

how are you feeling?

i’m good. you? good.


why are we afraid?

why are we so insecure?

do you feel vulnerable?

how shallow are we?

what hurts?

why here?

why right now?

why this body?

this mind?

these choices. these struggles.



the next day?

this clock is loud.

i’ll look into your eyes when we speak. i promise.





– d.


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