from the ground.

July 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

and the seasons
will change us new

you know me…
i could not be stuck on you
if it weren’t true.

i was swimming,
my eyes were dark
til’ you woke me
and told me that opening
is just the start.

now i see you, til kingdom come
you’re the one i want
to see me for all the stupid shit i’ve done.

blooming up from the ground
three rounds and a sound
like whispering you know me
and you know me.

this was our song
i still see the lights
i can see them.

and the criss cross
of what is true, won’t get to us
cause you know me
i could not give up on you…

and the fog of what is right
won’t cover us cause you know me
i could not give up a fight.


with your hands on my shoulders.

May 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

we braved the wind. the rain. the shivers. and it was worth it.
yesterday, i got to see jenny & jonny, bright eyes, and death cab for cutie.

seeing bands perform songs in front of you… ones that are so incredibly close to your heart is a really beautiful and exhilarating experience.

i named this blog after my favorite death cab song, “a movie script ending.”
they performed it :)

their finale was \”transatlanticism\”

music is love. it’s everything.

– danielle.

a glimpse.

May 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

i think it’s safe to say that i really dig my job :) i mean, come on… i get to come in, hang out with awesome people, drink coffee, and play with ingredients and recipes for hours. it doesn’t even seem fair!

it’s good to be home.
my skin is (slowly) readjusting to the dry, high desert air.
i take time to admire the mountains almost every day… remembering how i missed them so.

although, true to form, i have been missing portland, too. but now that i have the means, i am hoping to visit soon. dreaming of a sunny portland day — stumptown and a good book in hand; down by the waterfront. perfection.

working on to a playlist to share with y’all. and, as always, hoping for more pictures, more often.

it was 73 degrees yesterday…  unbelievable that it’s already may.

a welcomed, new week. leveling out.

* in light of recent current events, i came across a quote that really inspired me:

through violence you may murder a hater, but you can’t murder hate through violence. darkness cannot put out darkness; only light can do that.

– martin luther king jr.

take care,

– danielle.

home’s face, how it ages when you’re away.

April 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

but you shed not a single tear
for the things that you didn’t need…
because you knew you were finally free.

& my thoughts were so loud, i couldn’t hear my mouth.

– d.


April 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

i had been wanting to share some of my favorite photos — via my phone.
i’m such a polaroid wannabe.

oh! this came in the email box yesterday:

i have been so distracted with how nice and gentlemanly this letter was that i haven’t even downloaded those two songs yet.
it’s good to support good people :) & don’t forget about your local independent record stores!

the last two or three days have been a little heavy…
or a lot.
not much to say… just looking forward to working over the next few days and hopefully getting some much needed vitamin d.
i miss portland.

photos soon. i’m actually pretty excited about this… i have a new space. it’s pretty neat. it’s taken a lot of creativity and hard work. and i’m still not finished! but soon. the light in here is good.

go slowly,
– d.


April 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

hello friends,

so, i really should NOT be writing a blog at 1145pm after the day i just had… but…

i’ve been thinking a lot.
about this blog.
about life.

this blog started out so very personal for me.
it has always felt good to just stop and write. at home. at work. in the parking lot of the college.
i did so because it was a release.  i needed it. but… while, yes, it was published on the web, it wasn’t intentionally shared.

i feel like… since i re-worked my blog (for the billionth time) and sort of re-thought my purpose in keeping a blog at all…
wait. what am i trying to say…

okay — i’m trying to say that today brought some changes. changes that in, perhaps, some symbolic way, completes a phase. (my brain totally thrives on super vague symbolism, in case you haven’t noticed!)
and what i’m trying to say is that for once, i was able to stick to something throughout that phase. something consistent. something productive. and that something was typing away my thoughts, ideas, frustrations and experiences in this little white box here… and then, sometimes reluctantly, sharing them.

that, in itself, would have been more than enough for me: to simply feel the release of being able to compose my thoughts for a little while… to make sense of them by getting them out in front of me where i can see them.

but i can’t help but notice that… um, what? people actually read this thing?

so, here’s what i am really trying to say:

to those of you that read this. or even to those that merely stumble upon it every so often: thank you.
thank you for being a part of my journey.

this seems like such a silly thing to get sentimental about! i know. but, i really do have my reasons.
it’s a little hard to explain, honestly. my frontal and temporal lobes are not being very eloquent right now!

i was always told growing up that it was good to share.
thanks for giving me a reason.

i made this:
it’s really close to my heart. i like to think of it as a soundtrack.
autumn – spring.
all in chronological order.
it doesn’t necessarily flow from one song to another…
kind of like life.

grace is a beautiful thing.
that’s all.

with love,
– d.

29 march.

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

hey friends,

it’s tuesday.
i spent most of my afternoon in the kitchen with andrew bird and sufjan stevens. can’t complain.

ohhh, this. check it out: really beautiful.
i never knew that brooklyn was such a haven for independent artisans! this is a really inspiring project.
the dedication and love some people put into their craft, whatever it may be, is always just a wonderful thing to see.

really groovy and lovely music discoveries/re-discoveries going on in my world lately:

there’s not much else to say, except that some really unexpected and big changes have come my way.
some experiences come full circle much faster than one might plan for…
but you know, it’s alright.
it is.

going with the flow.
april is almost here. wow.

– d.

* also, i made these!

beignets. again, why wasn’t i born french?
here’s the recipe, along with a fun history! it was super easy. and i only had one, of course

happy baking.

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